SEO Search Engine Optimization 2018 Tips . Let’s Talk About This Amazing Topic . I Will Tell You All About It.

SEO – It is a term that is used for following reasons –

It is about optimization of websites for search engines
SEO contains how search engine work and what people want to search on search engine .

How Search Engine Works –

Crawling – Means faething all the pages link website this is done by the software known as crawler. For ex – In case of google a crawler is also called as google bot or simply bot .

Indexing – In this step google will create the index of all the pages that it has visited , it will key this index in a big database .

Processing – Here search engine accept the string from the user and compare it with index that is there with database .

Calculating Relevance – It is possible that your search engine query might be having more than one page in the database . So all the pages matching with your query(words) that wil shown by fetching pages which are on database and you will get the result in browser by search engine .

Intro To SFO – Search Friendly Optimization

In OFF Page SFO you will host your website and then you will try to create links up this website on other websites . This Process is known as Link Building .

SFO Techniques can be classified in Two Ways below –

White Hat SFO – In White Hat SFO we try to optimize the pages that are done according to approved by search engine it is a part of good webpage design .

Black Hat SFO – In these techniques we try to create website that well match with search engine guidelines there is no desception or make sure that your page will came at top organically .

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