Captain Marvel

Some Of Us Didnt Know Well About But Other Every MCU Character We Know About Because Other Characters Of The MCU [ Marvel Cinematic Universe ]

Like You Seen in Old MCU Movies

For Example : Captain America , Ironman , Hulk , Thor , Antman , Black Panther , Doctor Strange Etc . These Are The Main Characters Of The Movies in MCU . These All MCU Movies Linked Together With Each Other By There Own Stories .

As An Marvel Movies Fan You Must Also Know About Marvel Comics . Because Upcoming Movie in MCU is CaptainMarvel in 2019 . So Everyone Expecting What Its Like . So I Will Give Some Details And Short Story on The CaptainMarvel Topic .

She Will Be A Big Part Of The MCU Movies in Future And There Are Many Characters Which Became CaptainMarvel Who Will Be Carol Denvers . Now Carol is Current Captain Marvel As Some Of Us Confused With The DC Comics Which Also Has A Character Named Captain Marvel

Well DC Comics CaptainMarvel Was An Original Character by Fawcetts Comic But DC Comics Sue The Fawcetts Comics in Copyright Because Dc Feels That Fawcetts CaptainMarvel Was Similar To Superman .

This Stop Publishing Fawcetts Comics Captain Marvel in The 70’s And Thats The Reason Why Still Everyone Confused Between CaptainMarvel [ Marvel Comics ]

And DC CaptainMarvel And Now The New Twist is That DC Captain Marvel is Now Official Called As Shazam .

Carol Denvers Lets Talk About Her

She First Appeared As Captain Marvel in Marvel Superheros Issue 13 in March Of 1968 . As An Captain Marvel And Captain Marvel Issue 1 in 2012 . She Was Originally Created By Writer Roy Tomas in Artist Gene Colan .

After Her Creation They Realized That She has Potentail Eventually Be A Main Character . So Roy Tomas And Archie Goodwin Planted The Seeds For What Became Miss Marvel Superhero Origin in Mid 1970s .

Captain Marvel As Now We Have A New Superhero Who Can Have Her Own Title And Who Could Represent The Modern Liberated Woman . So in 1977 Marvel Comics Gave Carol Denvers Her Superpowers And She Officially Became Miss Marvel . So Lets See How She Became Miss Marvel .

Carol Denvers Introduced As A Young And Capable Woman Who Fought Against Gender Type in United States Air Force And Eventually Become An Officer And Also She Became CIA Agent Who Hired As A Head Of The Security in NASA Security For Cape Canaveral .

Due To This NASA Worked With Carol Denvers And Dr Philip Lawson Who Has Secretly An Alien Create Called The First Captain Marvel . During This A Battle With Kree Enemy A Device Known As Psych Magnetron Exploded And Captain Marvel Shielded Carol From The Blast Radiation With His Very Own Body .

This Caused Carol To Absorb Marvel Genetic Template Which Made Her [ Carol ] DNA , The Perfect Synthesis Of Kree And Humar Genes Making Her A HUMAN HYBRID . After Carol Recovered From The Explosion She Gained Superhuman Powers And Abilities .

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