Fitness And Health Tips 2019 Topic Related To Tell All About How To Live a Good Life We All Need Good Health And To Maintain it We All Need – Tips or Knowledge Your Health Matters The Most in Your Regualar Basis of Life .

Some People didn’t have time to maintain there health and some are just careless , but some who are weak that want to maintain or build a good health they don’t know what to do . So, Here are some tips and diet plan , to main your health goals as well as body building goals .

Problems between Vegetarian or Non – Vegetarian People

Non-veg People –

They enjoy eating almost everything these people comes under category of both veg and non-veg eating . They eat – Fish , Chicken , Sea Food , Cottage Cheese , Veges ETC .. But Some People in This Non-Veg Category Eats Bad Foods – Like Fried Food ( More Oily Food) , Outside Foods, Street Foods . Now These Types of thing creates a problem like – cholestrol , increase body fat , etc .

To Solve This Type of Problem We all Have To Follow a Pattern or Time Table for food to maintain your health , each person have to look after what they like to eats the most then delete those items which are not good for health . Then Make A List That Contains All The Essential Good Food Which Good For Health .

Like – Skimmed Milk ( Low Fat Milk ) used by many gym people .
And More Like – Chicked but not fried , Fish Less oily and less baked .
(Cheif Always Made Food on Low Flames , its helps to not burn all the nutrients which present in raw food , and Chief food always half baked beacuse fully cooked food have less nutritional amount as compare to half baked food ) .

SO , Basically Eat Good Foods in a Daily Busy Routine of Your Life .
Good Foods Like – Green Vegetables

Some Beans have very good amount of protien and carbs like – chichpeas , oats , pulses ,Sweet potato (good fat source) , Beetroot , Salad , Carrots , Cucumbers) Etc . Like Many Other These Helps A Lot To FullFill Your Daily Basis Of Need of Protien , Carbohydrates , B9 , Zinc Etc..

These Fresh Veges Helps To Maintain Many problems Like – Blood pressure , Body Weakness , Etc .

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Eats Lots of Fruits To maintain Macros and Micro Nutrients of Your Body . Packs Minimum Stack of Fruit For Your Lunch ( Doesn’t Take Much Time ) and Your Diet Should Be Maintaine at Good Level .

Always Remember To Carry a Mix Amount of Both Fruits and Veges and If Some Reason You Didn’t Have Time (Busy Scheduled) . So Then Carry Jucies , Shakes (Home Made) .

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Juices and Shakes [Home Made]

I Said Home Made Because Brands Can’t Give The Best Product That You Want To Add in Your Health Diet . Brands Just Make it Worse . I’ll Explain Little Bit – Brands Can’t Give Too Much Purity [ Beacuse They Are Doing Bussiness , They Just Want To Earn Money and Branding Fame ] .

They Add Preservatives– Corn Syrup , More Sugar . These Are Bad For Health . So , Make Home Made Fresh Shakes , Juices .

Always Read The Ingredient Lable If Your Buying Any Thing From Market . Most Products like – Peanut Butter , Corn Flakes etc .. Contain Cornsyrup , Bad fats , Sugar . These Things are Really Bad for Health .

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Most People Try To Maintain There Physical Fitness in The Gym or Some People Just Like There Fitness Goals To be High Like – Body Builders , Athlete or Do Any Other Sport . They Do Hard Exercises , Go To Expensive GYM’s But They Didn’t Get That Much Of Good Result. Its Because Not That They Doing Wrong Exercises , It Depends On Your Diet Schedule And Diet Plan .

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Body Weight Exercises

Body Weight Exercises Means – You Don’t Have To Be in a GYM To Be Fit . You Can Do OutDoor Exercises , Like in Park or Any Other Place . These Exercises Can Do By Your Body Weight , these Exercises Use Your Right Posture And Body Weight To Do So .

There Are Many Types Of Free Weight Exercises Like –

Pull Ups , Chin ups , Push Ups ,Triceps Bench Dips , Running and Sprinting Etc .
These Exercises Helps You To Maintain Your Muscle Amount in Your Body And Also Maintain Your Fitness [ Prevent From Producing Bad Body Fat in Body ] .

If You Want A Total Full Diet Plan For – NON-VEG AND VEG People . Then Comment Below –