Generation Zero Trailer And Game Review

Generation Zero trailer and game review about the most popular game of time “Generation Zero”

Generation Zero trailer and game review. Check out the link below of official trailer of this game.

Generation Zero Trailer

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In my opinion , this is the future of horror , mythical , mysterious and adventurous games . Generation Zero is based upon very futuristic technology . In this game your character will be return from excursion back to Sweden and discovered that cities , farm , towns are all abandoned . The existing year of that time in Sweden – November 14 1989.

After this you’ll search the town and then you’ll find out that robots , mega robots and big fighting drones killing humans and trying to extinct the human race . So , your character in Generation Zero can play as solo or with friends to team up and hunt down these all kinds of robots step by step after observing the situations near by the character .

You’ll first do some survival , to observe game in details . Then you’ll find some weapons and other things like – fireworks, gas can , maps , health kits etc . After that you’ll be able to fight with the robots and have fun playing Generation Zero .

Generation Zero Avalanche Studios  with A robot
Generation Zero

Generation Zero Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel i5 CPU
  • 660 Geforce GTX – Graphics Card
  • 4 GB – RAM
  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

So, in Generation Zero you can play solo and as well as multiplayer with friends , to team up and explore more and observe more . We all seen some out of the box creativity like high tech robots , mega robots, drones, cyborg, weapons , immense fighting and adventurous action and as well as a good story of game characters too . You can buy Generation Zero from official website click link below .

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