Monika Sharma

Monika Sharma As Gaam Ki Bahu Wearing pink
Monika Sharma


Monika Sharma is well known singer/vocalist and a great personality. She was born at Rewari in Haryana, India. Monika Sharma is really kind person who cares for her mother dreams & want to fullfill them too. Monika’s Mother wanted to became a singer but due to some issues her mother’s dream can’t come true .

So, Monika Sharma is very kind and caring in nature. She left her studies – BSC and joined B.A music and continued . In the beginning her songs didn’t get that much attention to public but after some struggle and hard work Monika Sharma tried things differently in a new way and became successful in very short Period of time .

After that Monika Sharma worked in a Hindi song cover. After that she strikes back and win back hearts of many people. Keep supporting her upcoming Posts will be available on Celebrities News.

Monika Sharma Famous songs
Monika Sharma Famous Songs

Monika Sharma Famous Songs List –

  • 4 Saal
  • Pabandi
  • Frame
  • Lakeer
  • Deep Neck
  • 5 Minute
  • Jalebi Jooda
  • Morni

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