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Dave Ardito was born on August 28 1988 in Germany and lived in Berlin since 2013 . Dave worked as a director as well as also cinematographer. He worked in countries like Europe , South Korea , United States , Switzerland , Poland , Italy. He is half spanish and half Italian and he was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany.

Dave Ardito worked in hollywood movies , netflix shows , german cinema movies , tv series. Like – Osmanlida Derin Devlet , Ninja Assassin , Bis Aufs , Arena of The Streetfighter and many more . Full list available on IMBD.

Dave Ardito Awards List Mentioned Below

  • Oniros Awards
  • European Cinematography Awards
  • Florence Film Awards 2019
  • LAFA – Los Angles Film Awards 2019
  • BIIF – Best Independent Director
  • Film Festival 2019 Awards
  • Pitch To Screen Film Awards Newyork 2019

Dave Ardito, when he grew up as a kid with extraordinary thinking and a brilliant mind too. He made up his mind to look forward in film making at the age of 12 years old. His inspiration , motivation , thinking developed through stories like – Indiana Jones , Jackie Chan Movies. At the age of 8 his biggest motivation was Metal Gear Solid [ by Hideo Kojima ]. His parents supported to became the best version of himself .

Dave Ardito first successful attempt in film making at the age of 12 in year 2000. He started to shoot some short films with a black and white camera which was a gift from his grandfather to Dave. Also he learned wing chun, shaolin and muay boran basics since the age of 16 years.

Dave Ardito became a professional stuntman at the age 18 years before he worked since 2006 as a stuntman in the action film business. In the film making industry. First stunt Dave done was in the movie name – Ninja Assassin [ James Mc Teigue ]. He also famous for his choreography in projects like – Bisaufs Blut – Brüder Auf Bewährung [ Oliver Kienle ] Withered Flowers Blooming [ Martin Schreier ] .

Dave Ardito

So, after this dave ardito wanted to became a filmmaker and he won many awards and everyone appreciated his work and now he reached at the most well known top celebrities list in the world and also top rated At IMDB .

Dave Ardito


Latest work done by Dave Ardito is in this film. The story of this film won many hearts and still in top trending films of this year. The story is about a young office worker [ Jake Thompson] having exciting daydreams. After he noticed that he is not the protagonist of his own boring life, he wants to change that by beginning an extraordinary adventure. A life changing decision waits for him as he faces his inner self.

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