Vanda Gallo


Vanda Gallo was born in Slovakia, Europe. Vanda Gallo is the Yoga Queen and an inspirational idol to the world. Yoga is an art which learned through time, It will take many years and patience to learn yoga and to perform it in right form and posture. She is performing Yoga for 7 years and still going on. Now she become a professional in this art of Yoga.

Vanda Gallo learned from her mother about yoga because her mother is Yogini too. As everyone thinks that yoga learned so easily by doing some simple steps but in reality its the opposite. Vanda go through some serious spine problems and too cure them she started to do meditation and yoga, Slowly she cured successfully in time .

Vanda Gallo learning Yoga since she was born with her mother also Yogini. Now she became a motivation to all who feel that Yoga cannot be learned. Vanda answers that all through her life struggle and becoming a better version of herself.

She traveled the world and still travelling to share her experience with the world and heal every person soul with the power of yoga. Yoga is the key to cure every body inner injuries . To learn this art, it will take time and dedication to reach to your soul . You’ll have to add yoga as your daily routine to learn successfully .


Nowadays, She is trying to teach people yoga through classes and yoga events . As you all know India represents yoga and for many generations teaching Yoga . So, Vanda is a traveler too and she visited India many times and performed many classes events as well as visited famous places of India like – Taj Mahal , Rishikesh Etc.


Yoga is an art which takes long time to learn and you must have to learn and know the right positions and postures which take years of experience and Time.

To know more about yoga tips visit her Instagram – yogavandagallo

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