Watch Dogs Legion Trailer And Gameplay Review

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This is A Review About The Most Popular Game Of Time “Watch Dogs Legion”

Watch Dogs Legion trailer and gameplay review. Check out the link below of official trailer and gameplay of this game.

Official Trailer
Official Gameplay

After Watching Trailer And Gameplay You Will Be More Likely To Understand This Review.

Review is Below Here !

Watch Dogs first part was released in 2014 which was absolutely incredible and best futuristic game released at that year of 2014. After getting successfully response from the public towards Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs got famous from it’s character Aiden Pierce who was an hacker and a good person who fight against crime as a vigilante. Throughout the city and also against Blume Corporation [designed CTOS], CTOS [central operating system], Dedsec [outlaw hackers organisation].


After Watch Dogs Ubisoft decided to launch a new sequel of Watch Dogs. Which leads to the next part Watch Dogs 2. Now in Watch Dogs 2 we see a whole new story apart from Aiden Pierce [Watch Dogs 2014]. In Watch Dogs 2 the story is about Marcus who manipulated and listed as a criminal by Blume Corporation. But Marcus is innocent and trying to make that criminal record erase from CTOS and Blume Corporation. After all this Marcus decided to join Dedsec to help the innocent people like – Marcus and taken down Blume Corporation. In both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 there are many more stories like – about T-Bone etc. T-bone is The character linked to both the sequels. Play both the games to know better about many things.

Now Lets Get Going With Watch Dogs Legion. The Latest And Most Advance Sequel In Watch Dogs History –

Watch Dogs Legion is absolutely insane and beautiful game in the eyes of any gamer in the world. Watch Dogs Sequel 3 franchise coming up with best story mode and gorgeous graphics. After seeing good response from the public after launching the official gameplay by Ubisoft. In the official gameplay we can see many characters which we can switch after a character die with our choice .

Example – a character who known by name Ian Robshaw [Skull Mask]. Who was a member of Dedsec and in public he takes fight and after some battle Ian got killed. After that we switch to some other character by our choice. The other character known by the name Helen Dashwood. [character can switch because they all are in the same team].

The switched character Helen now do the same mission on which previous character died [Ian Robshaw]. So, after Helen Dashwood another character known by the name Naomi Brooks who hacks the Mega Drone as shown in the official gameplay trailer. This is one of the key features of Watch Dogs Legion Carry On.

Watch Dogs Legion Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel i5-4460 / AMD FX 8350 – CPU
  • 950 Geforce GTX Nvidia / AMD Radeon HD 8870 – Graphics Card
  • 8 GB – RAM
  • Windows 10 64-Bit

There will be much more thrilling things to do in Watch Dogs Legion like many more missions, different stories, playing multiplayer etc. Go checkout official Ubisoft Store to know more about this game.

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