GTA V Premium Online Edition Playstation And PC Install Solution

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GTA V Premium Online Edition What To Do After Buying ? Step By Step Tutorial | Gamers Hub

For PC Users –

In this tutorial I’ve shown step-by-step all about what to do after buying GTA V for PC users only. I’ve shown that if you buy your games online [Digital buying like through Rockstar Games official website or any other online store].

Then what are the next steps to do, all are mentioned in this tutorial. If a PC user buy hard copy then the game installing key will be available in or with that hard copy. On the other hand if one buys digital copy then the code will be available on your mail ID. You have to paste that code in your Rockstar acoount. all this was mentioned already in this tutorial.

For Playstation Users –

Playstation user if buys digital copy then you have to buy it from official Playstation store. It will automatically install the key for user. Just one click then you can play the game after this easy step.

If user buy a hard copy of a game example – GTA V. Then you have to install the game in your Playstation console. After that put the game key which given With the hardcopy of the game [GTA V].

Follow next steps which are the same story completing simple steps. Already mentioned in this tutorial. Both for PC and Playstation User .

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