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David Poznic known as a great fitness trainer. as well as a multi talented personality. example – dancing upside down, wutao, creating mask with stage performance. David discovered musical theater when he was 12 years old which david followed as a lifetime passion.

Dancing Upside Down

In this dancing, we have to explore dancing and playing with your hands. dancing upside consists of contemporary dance, capoeira, acrobatics and also contact improvisation. It includes many form of inverted movements with combine dynamic movements.

After some years giving some break to musical theater, David started performing in physical theater, contemporary dance, circus. David graduated in B.A music from UC Santa Cruz.

Then he started travelling all around the world – learning, training, observing, and performing. explored China to learn shaolin kung fu, learn Capoeira from Brazil. Attended physical theater in Belgium – Salzburg experimental academy of dance[3 years for training others in acrobatics and jugglings].


Wutao derived from two chinese characters – “WU” means dance and “TAO” means the way. It consists of contemporary breathing and movement art. Wutao is the fusion of different techniques. Including – qi gong, tai chi, yoga and dance.

David also directed theaters, circus shows etc. Example – he directed flying trapeze school in caribbean. and circus company and also a solo mask theater in Brazil. He taught mask techniques to acrobats Or physical theater to opera singers.

David directed and performed in 20 countries all over the world. Also he done MFA in interdisciplinary arts from Goddard college. And recently in 2014 he also graduated from Helikos: International For Theater Creation In Florence, Italy.

David Poznic Art

Creating Mask

Each mask is different in its own flavor and often a surprising one. Every mask consists of its different emotions rhythms and expression. To know more about masks and creation. Visit – davidpoznanter.com/order-a-mask

In art and crafting mask, David created masks for multiple international
shows which held in countries. Like – US, Brazil, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy Etc and travelled all around the world to teach masks and movements.

David Poznic is a well known fitness trainer and a humble personality. He is very popular in india too. For performing his skills – acrobats etc. He surprised judges with his skills at talent shows. Example – India’s Dancing Superstar. He was very appreciated in this talent show for his charismatic performance on stage, showing acrobats and much more.

David Poznic Passion

David Poznic passion is surfing too. He is an very well surfer and passionate about travelling all around the world. To explore and observe and learn more about different cultures Etc. Also he post his beautiful photography skills on his official photography website [mentioned below]. See all the beautiful photography related to surfing and many more places like – India, Paris etc. See all about this here at – davidpoznicphotography.com

David Poznic Training Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s Personal Trainer

To know more about David Poznic. Visit The social media links mentioned below and also famous for training Aamir Khan personally for his movies – Dhoom 3 And PK.

Visit Below Social Media Platforms – POZNIC TRAINING

Websites – poznictraining.com davidpoznanter.com davidpoznicphotography.com

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