Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed is The Story Of Altair Ibn La Ahad Who Was Born in 11 January 1165 And Died At 1257 [ 1165 – 1257 ] He Was The First Assassin Who Started To Build A Creed . His Story Begins From 1189 Masaf .

He Was The Most Demanded Assassin in The Assassins in Masaf . Altair Teacher Al Mualim Obsessed To Take The Apple Of Eden But Not For Good Use Of It . Al Mualim Give Orders And Targets To Altair To Reach Closer To His Goal [ The Apple Of Eden ] .

Altair Follow Orders And Targets Which Give By Al Mualim But After Sometime Altair Social Image Degraded Because He Broke Tenets Of The Creed According
To Al Mualim .

These Three Tenets Were Not Usually Followed By Altair , So Al Mualim Decided To Punish Altair . Al Mualim Gives Targets To Kill Not To Question Against It

The Three Tenets Of The Creed Are As Follows

  1. Stay Your Blade From The Flesh Of The Innocent
  2. Hide in Plain Site
  3. Never Compromise The Assassin Brotherhood

Altair Assassination Targets

  • Tamir
  • Talal
  • Abul Nuqoud
  • Willam Of Montferrat
  • Majd Addin
  • Jubair Al Hakim
  • Sibrand
  • Robert De Sable

Al Mualim Gives Targets And Altair Have To Follow Without Any Questions Against Al Mualim . So Libertarian Rafi Gives Targets To Altair Which Altair Follows As A job To Gain Altair Lost Reputation Behind All This Was Only Al MualimAfter Killing Some Targets Altair Asked Al Mulaim About Targets . So Al Mualim Told Altair Only Riddles . Altair Gain His Reputation Back But After Killing Targets But He Rebel Against Al Mualim .

And Many Others Also Killed Because Of Al Mualim Orders . But After Sometime Altair Knows That Al Mualim Not The Good Person . So Altair Decided To Kill Al Mualim And Take Apple Of Eden To The Safest Place . So After A Massive Fight Between Altair And Al Mualim Of Course Altair Wins And After An End Of An Era When Altair Gets Olds . He Decided To Hide Apple Of Eden From The Wrong Hands .

In This Story There is Side Story Of Abbas . Abbas Was Altair Childhood Friend But Abbas Father Commit Suicide in Front Of Altair . And When Altair Told This Truth Abbas Thought This Was A Lie And He Hated Altair From That Time And At The End When Altair Came With Maria [ Altair Wife ] Abbas Demanded The Apple Of Eden , Altair Gives The Apple But In This Chaos Altair Lost Maria And Abbas Taken The Apple Of Eden And Run To The Tower.

But Abbas Could Not Hold The Power Of Apple Of Eden And Started A New Chaos Aming All The Assassins But Altair Controls The Situtation And Taken The Apple And After That Altair Try To Hipe The Apple .

So During When Altair Have The Apple Of Eden He Learns About The Apple And Writes A Book Which Later Called The CODEX . This Book Contains All The Information About The Apple Of Eden . So To Hide Apple Of Eden Altair Made Keys Of The Masaf Library To Open It By Some One In The Future . Altair Give The Codex And Masaf Keys To The Niccolo Polo in 1257 . Now Altair Aged To 92 Years in 1257 .

After The Assasins Creed Story Contines By Ezio Auditore Da Firenze in Italy .

Altair Ibn La Ahad Own Words [ When I Was Very Young, I Was Foolish Enough To Believe That Our Creed Bring An End To All These Conflicts. If Only I Had Possessed The Humility To Say To Myself, Ive Seen Enough For One Life, I Have Done My Part. Then Again, There is No Greater Glory Than Fighting To Find The Truth .

[ Altaïr to his son Darim during the Mongol attack on Masyaf 1257 ]

Altairs Story Follows The Two Original Assassin Creed SERIES Games Across Two Different Games Stories While He Overhauls The Assassin Order In Masyaf.

Assassins Creed Story End’s Here

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