Assassins Creed II

Assassins Creed II Based On Ezio-Auditore-Da-Firenze

Ezio Was Born in Florence in 1459 . His Father Was Giovanni And His Mother Was Maria Auditore And His Sister Was Claudia . Ezio Was A Born Fighter But Till The Age Of 17 Ezio Worked in Florentine Noble Class . Under His Father Giovanni Because His Father Was Also A Banker . Ezio Has No Idea That His Father Was An Assassin .

Giovanni Kepts His Secrets To Protect His Family . After Some Time Maria Auditore Introduced Leonardo Di Vinci With Ezio . Maria Sent Ezio On An Errand Misson After When Ezio Returns Home And Everyone-Was-Gone And Home Messed Up A Lot . After Going Further in Another Room Ezio Meets His Mother And Sister .

Both Hiding in There And His Mother Maria Was in Shock . Because Guards Took Giovanni [ Ezio Father ] in The Fort Jail . Now In This Situation The First Step Ezio Taken Was Put His Mother And Sister. [ Maria And Claudia ] in Hiding Place For Her Both Safety . And Then Second Step He Taken Was To Find His Father [ Giovanni ] .

He Finds Out His Father Beaten And Locked Up In Castle Upper Floor . Ezio Used His Assassin Skills To Find His Father . After Finding And Meeting His Father Told Ezio A Clue Of His Real Work .

Giovanni Said [ Go In My Office You Find A Hidden Door , Use Your Skills To Find It . And There Was A Chest in The Room , Take Everthing Inside It You Will Know What To Do . And Also There Was A Letter Delivered It To Alberto ]

After Finding The Chest Ezio Knows That His Father Was An Assassin . He Find His Father Assassin Dress With A Broken Hidden Blade . And A Letter Which Ezio Want To Deiivered To Alberto As An Evidence For His Father [ Giovanni ] And Family . After Letter Delivered To Alberto , Next Day The Ezio See The UnExpected . He See That His Family Including [ Giovanni , His Brothers ] Executed By Alberto .

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