Assassins Creed II Part II

Assassins Creed II Story Part II Continues Ezio Shocked Because Alberto Denied Of Any Evidence For Giovanni [ This Was Wrong Because Alberto Has All The Evidence But He Denied ] Ezio Reacted On The Execution And Said [ This Was A Lie ] But Alberto Executed Ezio Family In Front Of Him . Now Ezio Want Only Vengeance And Furious To Kill Alberto .

But To Assasinate Alberto Ezio Needs To Repair His Hidden Blade , So He Visited Again To Leonardo Di Vinci . Leonardo Repaired Ezio Hidden Blade And Then Ezio Go For Alberto To Assasinate Him .

Now Ezio Taken Back The Evidence And Became The Most Wanted Man in The Florence . Then He Visited in Spain in Family Villa To Make Sure His Family is Safe . There Ezio Meet With His Uncle [ Mario Auditore ] .

Mario Explained Ezio That Who Are Assasins And What is The Purpose Of Your Father And Over Time Teach Ezio Fighting Skills . Times Passes And Then Ezio Explore And Also Would Help The Mercenaries , Theives , Curtis , People Etc . And Became A Vigilant .

During That Time Ezio Learn How To Fight And Also He Gain More Information About [ Rodrigo Borgia ] . [ Rodrigo Borgia Was The Head Of The Conspiracy Templar And As Well As Ezios Father [ Giovanni ] Enemy . Now Ezio Know Who is Behind Execution Of His Family . So , Ezio Learn And Train Better To Hunt Rodrigo Borgia .

Now To Hunt Rodrigo , First Ezio Kill The Courier Man And Exchange His Dress With To Looks Like Simiilar With Other Guards . The Courier Man Delivering Apple Of Eden To Rodrigo . So Now Ezio Have That Courier And Also Looks Similar Like Other Guards .

[ The Apple Of Edens Are Rare Ancient Artifacts Of The First Civilization . They Appear To Have Powers of Divine And Superhuman Properties . Ten Apple Of Edens Recorded in History Of Assassins Creed Series ] .

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