Assassins Creed Brotherhood Story Continues After [ Assassins Creed II ]

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Now Ezio Life Changes Because He Knows That Now He Has The Responsibility To Find And Protect The Apple Of Eden And To Do So Ezio Next Target Was Rodrigo Borgia And Cesare Borgia [ Rodrigo Son ] .

Story Starts Now With Mario His Uncle Which Now Holds The Apple To Keep It Safe From Wrong Hands .

Ezio Gives The Apple Of Eden To Mario And Both Return To Monteriggioni [ Villa Auditiore ] With Mario in 1499. Villa Auditore Attacked By Cesare Borgia And in This Chaos Mario Died .

After That Ezio And His Family Escape Safe From There. Then Ezio Suggest Maria And Claudia To Return To Firenze And Starts His Journey Alone To Find Cesare Borgia .

Ezio Headed To Roma But in Way Ezio Fal From The Horse And Stayed Unconcious . When Ezio Wake Up He Finds Himself in A Room With A Woman Cleaning His Wounds .

And That Woman Says To Ezio That You Are Safe Here . A Man Left Armour And Clothes For Ezio To Wear And That Woman Told Ezio That Man Was Niccolo Machiavelli .

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

After That Ezio Healed From Unconcious Then Ezio Visit To Machiavelli in Front Of Mausoleo Di Augusto on January 1500 . In This Year 1500 Borgia Ruled Roma . The Journey Begins Here . Ezio Later Started To Liberate People Who Can Fight And They Joined The Brotherhood .

Ezio Became The Leader Of The Assassins And Later Claudia Also Joins The Brotherhood Ezio Told Her All his Family Secrets And What His Father Purposes

And Also Who Are The Best Friends Of His Father Now Ezio Stared To Meet With His Old Friends Like Leonardo Di Vinci , La Volpe , Bartolomeo And Many More . These All People Who Stand By Ezio Always .

Niccolo Machiavelli Said To Ezio [ I Intend To Write A Book About You One Day ]

Ezio Reply [ If You Do Make It Short ]

After All This Ezio Visit To The Castle Of Cesare Borgia To Track Down The Apple Of Eden And There Ezio See That Cesare Posion Rodrigo But in All This Cesare Killed The Pope Rodrigo .

Apple Of Eden

And Then Cesare Headed For The Apple Of Eden Which Hidden in Temple But When Cesare Reach The Temple Ezio Already Hoiding The Apple Of Eden, Ezio Gets The Apple And Then Ezio Meet With His Assassins Brothers To Decide What To Do With It.

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze And Cesare Borgia Battle

After That Ezio Defeated Cesare And His Army And Cesare Killed. After Then Ezio Decided To Hide The Apple Of Eden in The Colosseum into The Vault To Keep it Safe .

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