Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Assassins Creed II Story Part III Continues When Ezio Arrived With The Apple Of Eden To Delivered To Rodrigo . Ezio Has No Idea That What He Currently Holding . Rodrigo Recognize Ezio And Order To His Men To Attack On Ezio . But Ezio Not Alone There . All The Allies Were Arrived There To Help Ezio And To Scared Rodrigo And All Allies Revelead Themselves To Ezio And Said That They Are From The Assassins Guild .

But Why They Revelead Themselves To Ezio ?
They Said To Ezio That Ezio Was The Prophet And Ezio Was The One Who Lead All Assasins Guild To The Vault . To Bringing Together The Scattered Pieces Of CODEX .

[ A Sacred Book Written by Altair-Ibn-La-Ahad . This Book Contain All The Information About The Order And All That Altair-Ibn-La-Ahad Learned Himself From The Apple Of Eden ] .

After All This Ezio Find Pope Rodrigo Borgia in The Vaticano Temple . Ezio And Rodrigo Started The Fortst Fight There With Each Other And Uses The Power Of Artifacts With Each Other . In This Fight Rodrigo Stabbed Ezio With Knife Then Rodrigo Takes The Apple Of Eden And Go To The Vault Under The Vaticano Temple And After Sometime Wounded Ezio Go After Rodrigo .

When Ezio Reached To Rodrigo , Ezio See That Rodrigo kept Saying To A Door That ” I Am The Prophet ” . But The Door Still Not Opened , So Ezio Fight Back With Rodrigo And Rodrigo Fall On The Floor And Stayed Unconscious . While After That Ezio Opened The Vault [ Because Ezio Know By That Now That He is The Prophet Himself ] . After That Ezio Enters The Vault . And Then Ezio Seen Things That Was Totally Unexpected To Him .

Ezio Seen And Heard The Message Which was Actually Spoke The Name Desmond . But Ezio Did not Understand The Meaning Of The Message Perfectly. Message was Spoken By Minorva . Ezio Seen The Advance technology Which He Couldn’t Understand Himself .

Assassins Creed II End Here

The Next Part Of The Story Continues in ” Assassins Creed Brotherhood “

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