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ios – UIImage produces reminiscence leaks

Setting a picture in a UIImageView produces reminiscence leaks.
I attempted to do it in 3 ways and all of them produce reminiscence leaks.

@IBOutlet weak var imageCategory: UIImageView!

 func firstTry() {
 let url = Bundle.foremost.url(forResource: "biceps", withExtension: "png")
 let imageData = attempt! Information(contentsOf: url!)
 myImage.picture = UIImage(information: imageData)

func secondTry() {
 myImage.picture = UIImage(named: biceps)

func thirdTry() {
 let path = Bundle.foremost.path(forResource: "biceps", ofType: nil)
 myImage.picture = UIImage(contentsOfFile: path!)

There are reminiscence leaks

enter image description here



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