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Non-invasive confocal microscopy of the immune system

Multiple-third of all adults on this planet endure from a number of persistent circumstances, of which the immune system performs a central position. Regardless of this, immunological analysis stays technologically challenged. There’s a lack of analysis instruments to decipher defects within the complicated choreography of immune cell homing, migration, and mobile interactions the physique makes use of to surveille, detect and remove ‘hazard’, in addition to restore immune homeostasis. Now, writing in Nature Nanotechnology, Wang et al. have reported an imaging method that allows following immune responses in deep tissues with out eradicating pores and skin, exposing tissues, inflicting laser-induced heating, or implanting ‘window chambers’1. The group used quantum dots emitting at near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths longer than 1,700 nm and superconducting nanowire single-photon counting detectors developed for this wavelength vary with the intention to conduct confocal fluorescence microscopy in intact rodents.



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